Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wrestling in India

Danny Hill submitted this story and picture to me. Thanks Danny!

"Udaipur was a real relief from the pressure of the
tourism industry and poverty in Delhi and Agra. The
buildings are not impressive like the Red Fort or Taj,
but the people are nicer, and the city is cleaner and more

I ended up finding a wrestling gym and was
able to coach for an evening. The kids were pretty
tough, but lacked the technique that is relatively
standard in the US. Apparently wrestling is much more
competitive and popular around Delhi. The kids had no
fear of being thrown on their heads. Belly to back
suplexes were common.

They also did acura which is
unique to India. It is the Olympic style of
wrestling done on chopped dirt. I got some great
pictures of these kids literally planting each other."

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