Friday, September 7, 2012

Spanish For Children - The Benefits of After School Programs

Speaking both Spanish and English will give your children a great advantage later in life for several reasons.  First, learning a new language exercises the brain much like what going to the gym does for your body.  A recently published New York Times Article calls on scientific research that proves that bilingual people are actually smarter than their monolingual counterparts.  So by putting your kids into one of our programs, it will not only ensure they are bilingual, but will increase their aptitude for other subjects in school too!

Second, the Hispanic population is growing quickly in Colorado, and practically doubling in size every 10 years.  Many of our students that study Spanish with us mention that they are having a difficult time getting work, often losing jobs to less qualified applicants purely because they are bilingual.  This is especially true in the fields of Education, Retail, and Healthcare.  As parents we all want to ensure a bright future for our kids, and there is nothing more powerful than ensuring they are bilingual from an early age.

Finally, learning a new language will open the door for new experiences, new opportunities for friendships, and give your kids a unique perspective on the world.  It is a fact that our neighborhoods are increasingly becoming diverse, and creating culturally empathetic citizens will help build relationships across the community as opposed to segmentation.  This provides for a fun and safe atmosphere that we can all appreciate.

We still have space in our Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced After School programs.  Contact Bolder Languages to learn more about how your children can become bilingual.

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