Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tango in Guadalajara

Last night I arrived to Guadalajara, one of my new favorite places in Mexico. Two of my friends, Gaby and Bere, picked me up from the airport and we got the night started! They both have become very good dancers of Tango, the provocative dance from Buenos Aires. Our first stop was a place called Café el Carmen. On Friday nights they have a traditional Milonga, or place where people dance Tango, out on the square. Located in Guadalajara’s historic district, this is the typical Spanish plaza that is located in just about any city in a Spanish country. This is a beautiful little place with tall, looming trees surrounded by colonial architecture and of course, a church!

One of my favorite things to do is go to a Milonga with some friends, have a glass of wine, and dance a little Tango. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of places to do this in Boulder, so I normally have to wait until I am in Guadalajara or Argentina to do so! Gaby did pull me up for a dance, and I was very happy to still remember the 8 basic steps. Tango is a very romantic dance, and you really have to be able to feel the passion behind the music in order to dance. Reminds me of the glory days when I lived in Argentina!

For anybody looking for a good time in Guadalajara, check out the Café el Carmen on a Friday night, located at:

Jardín del Carmen
(frente al Ex-Convento del Carmen )
Andador Jacobo Gálvez 45-B,
Col. Centro
Guadajara, Jal.
Tel: 3658-2266

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