Monday, November 28, 2011

Press Release: Bolder Languages and Spanish Easy and Fun Partner to Educate Colorado’s Front Range on the Spanish Language and Latin Culture

Bolder Languages announced today an official partnership with Spanish Easy and Fun to be its official Spanish Language and Culture Business Unit. The two companies share similar goals of educating the local population on navigating an increasingly growing Hispanic population and increasing business opportunities with a better prepared workforce.

“Spanish Easy and Fun’s language programs are right on point with our goal of making Colorado an economic powerhouse by taking advantage of our globalized economy” said David Stevens, Bolder Languages founder. “Latin America’s economy is on the rise, and while the US economy has been stagnant, looking outside our borders is necessary. Even within our state, local firms with knowledge of Spanish will open doors to a very large market.”

20% of Colorado’s citizens speak Spanish as a first language according to the 2010 US Census. The Bolder Languages and Spanish Easy and Fun partnership will help lower the costs of teaching Spanish and enable a more people to take advantage of these services. Benefits of having a bilingual community will help to reduce crime, increase job opportunities, and and stimulate the local economy by enabling firms to increase revenue through international channels.

About Bolder Languages

Bolder Languages is a Cross Cultural Communication agency serving Colorado. Headquartered in Boulder, services offer assistance for people and firms across the front range, including language instruction, translation and interpretation, and business programs. Bolder Languages, founded in 2007, has expertise in education and cultures, enabling Colorado citizens to better interact and compete in today’s increasingly globalized economy. For more information please visit www/

About Spanish Easy and Fun

Spanish Easy and Fun is a Language School with offices in Longmont and Boulder. Curriculum has been created by Native Spanish speakers to make learning the new language fun and easy, with more of a focus on becoming conversational than traditional language courses. Specialties include Children Programs, Travel Preparation, and Healthcare. Since inception Spanish Easy and Fun has taught close to 500 people in the Front Range how to speak Spanish. For more information please visit

CONTACT: Bolder Languages - David Stevens at 303.997.9207 or

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