Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Top 10 Radio Stations in Spanish

Today I want to share with you the list with different radios in Spanish, which you can listen online for free.
  1. Cadena Dial 91.1 Madrid  - it's a spanish radio with good spanishsmall 2340999549 Top 10 Radio in Spanish music. Last time when I was listening to this radio, it was Manuel Carrasco. And I love his songs!
  2. RNE Radio 1 Madrid  This is one of spanish talk-radios. It's a good resource for practice your listening skills.
  3. Latino 99.5 Spanish This is a Spanish radio with spanish pop music.
  4. Amor 95.3 FM Mexico city  - This is a Mexican radio with romantic songs in Spanish.
  5. MVS 102.5 Mexico city - Mexican talk-radio, mostly news. If you like mexican accent of Spanish, you should choose this radio!
  6. Fiesta Mexicana 102.3  - Another mexican talk-radio with stories about mexican culture. For example, today on this radio you could listen to stories about mexican witches.
  7. Radio Mitre - 790 AM - Argentinian talk-radio for fans of argentinian accent.
  8. 101.1 La - Colombian talk-radio with news and music.
  9. 97.6 Ibiza Global Radio - without comments!
  10. 999 Cadena COPE - News from Madrid.
Tell me, what do you like to listen? Maybe you have your favorite Spanish radio station?

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