Friday, June 1, 2012

Benefits Of Learning Spanish In Colorado

There are many benefits to learning a foreign language, especially Spanish, if you live in Colorado. Colorado is known to have a rich Hispanic culture that dates back to early North American explorations. The history behind the formation of this state tells stories of Hispanic explorers, Native American Tribes, and Mexican immigration. All over Colorado, and particularly in the southern part of the state, this rich Hispanic culture still exists and thrives today. From Mexican cantinas, restaurants and carnicerias, to salsa clubs and museums, people living in Colorado can participate in and learn all about our Hispanic culture. As of 2010 there were roughly 1,038,000 people of Hispanic and Latin descent living in Colorado. With statistics like this, it only makes sense that Spanish is the most commonly taught language in Colorado.

The benefits to knowing Spanish in Colorado are literally endless. Simple things like getting to know your neighbors, speaking to your children’s school friends, and communicating with the second largest demographic in the state are all made easier by knowing how speak Spanish. It is extremely difficult for some people to break that communication barrier without at least the basic knowledge of the language. Without that knowledge, people who don’t speak Spanish are missing out on great opportunities to meet new people and immerse themselves in a rich culture. We live in a state where diversity and sense of community are embraced. This can be seen in the amount of people living in Colorado that are interested in learning, already know, or are currently learning to speak Spanish. Other cultural and racial barriers are also broken when communities come together and find common grounds by means of speaking.

Furthermore, the job opportunities that are available to people who speak Spanish in Colorado are extensive, simply because the need is great. This means that in our economy, knowing Spanish actually puts you ahead of someone who cannot speak it when competing for a position. Many companies, particularly those that are based in areas that have the largest Spanish-speaking demographics, actually mandate that their employees speak Spanish as a hiring requirement. Others that do not require it, will pay more to those who have the ability to communicate with more than one speaking group. Also, many industries especially hospitality have a large percentage of Spanish speaking workers in the area. Many of these folks have immigrated to the state in hopes to find better employment opportunities. Most managers of these kinds of establishments will see better job performance from their employees when they are better able to communicate with them.

There are many benefits to learning spanish in Colorado. Bolder Languages is a world languages school located in both Denver and Boulder, CO that can teach you Spanish for the workplace , travel or just to have casual conversation.  Options include Private Spanish Lessons, Group Spanish Classes, and Spanish Tutoring.

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