Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Learning English as a Second Language

Most people who learn English as a Second Language take it with a specific purpose in mind. Usually this purpose is to communicate with other English speaking people in their everyday or business lives. English is the most widely used form of verbal communication in the modern world and is the most broadly taught language throughout different school systems all over the world. Learning English is beneficial to anyone who lives in an English speaking country like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Being able to speak the official language will not only help you with daily routines but it usually makes a huge difference in terms of employment as well.

People living within a country where English is spoken will have a hard time keeping up with things in their community if they do not know how to speak the language. This can involve simple acts like reading the direction on the back of box, watching TV or surfing the internet, reading street signs, communicating with the general public, and locating the bare essentials of life. Verbal communication is next to impossible without at least a basic understanding of a language. Although in some English speaking countries you may be able to get through some non verbal barriers, it will ultimately be hard to meet new people and make connections without learning the language.

Current statistics say that there are over 1.5 billion people who speak English and about a billion more that are in the process of learning it. These numbers are so high because of the inclination English has on the business world. In most cases English is considered to be the universal language of business. In fact, almost all international conferences are conducted in this language as most diplomats and politicians speak English. In addition to the political nature of the language, English is also the predominant language of the arts as well. There are more publications written in English than in any other language in the world. This means knowing English can provide you with endless opportunities for knowledge and learning.

Getting ahead in business is perhaps the most beneficial reason to learn English as a second language. If you are living in place where English is spoken and you cannot communicate with the general public it will be very hard for you to excel further than an entry level position. Many people travel to countries like the United States and United Kingdom in search of better life, do not sell yourself or your dream short and make the best out the opportunity by learning English today!

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