Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beginner Salsa Workshops in Denver - On1 & NY On2

When: Saturday, April 17, 2010 1:00 PM

Motion En Fuego
2828 N Speer Blvd #101
Denver, CO 80211

Hi Everyone!
These workshops are the last installment of workshops for the Winter Semester of Universidad Del Baile Latino - my semi annual weekend workshops for Social Latin dances. The Senior year is full of great patterns, footwork, styling for men and women when you're dancing Salsa, both On1 and On2. Finally, learn the difference between these two popular ways to dance Salsa. Dance them both and decide for yourself what your preferred dance style is.

Saturday, April 17th
1-2 PM - On1 Salsa Basics: What the heck is "on1" and why should you dance this style? Commonly known as "LA Style Salsa", on1 is a very common way to dance in Denver and around the world. It's style is evolving as we speak and in this class we'll learn all about what that means, how to hear the "1" in the music and start on that every time! We'll also learn the basic steps of Salsa with some extra technique tips only Bridget can teach.

2-3 PM - On1 Salsa Patterns: Ok, so we've got the basics covered, now let's make it exciting. This class will introduce you to very cool, easy to lead and follow combinations that will show you how to dance with fluidity!

3-3:30 PM - Break

3:30-4:30 PM - On1 Salsa Footwork Shines: Salsa isn't just the patterns, it's about feeling the music and showing it in your body's movement. Learn how find your dance style thru footwork movement, rhythm changes and body movement. You'd be surprised how much this affects your overall

Sunday, April 18th
1-2 PM - NY On2 Salsa Basics: Known around the world as New York On2 Salsa (sometimes called Mambo) this style of Salsa was pioneered by the great Eddie Torres. Eddie Torres is known to have kept social Salsa dance alive and helped develop it into the style of dance you see today. New Yorkers have been dancing On2 for decades but NY ON2 Salsa has enjoyed huge popularity around the world and some of today's best dancers are On2. You'll feel how this style really fits into Mambo music
and how it really brings the music alive in your movement.

2-3 PM - NY On2 Salsa Patterns: Yes, you can transfer all of your On1 patterns to On2 but if you are used to dancing On1 this can present a challenge. Don't get discouraged, the end result will be worth it. In this class we'll cover a typical On2 basic pattern and you'll understand how the movement style of On2 differs from On1.

3-3:30 PM - Break

3:30-4:30 PM -NY On2 Salsa Footwork Shines: NY On2 is characterized by its connection to the music. Footwork is essential to show your understanding of the music. On2 footwork open the door to complete experimentation with the music through a sometimes complex mix of taps, slides, spins, suzy q's and many other footwork elements. Give it a shot and expand your horizons!

Pricing: single workshop: $15 - one day pass:$35 - full weekend pass:$70

All classes held at Motion En Fuego Dance Studio---> 2828 n speer blvd #101 denver 80211
To register go to or email me at

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