Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What does Globalization mean to you and your role in business?

I found this discussion online and wanted to share it with Bolder Languages' supporters. By reading the responses, you can appreciate how important it is to learn a new languages and step out of your own cultural norms.

This question was asked by Philo Holland senior globalization advisor, philos collaborative partnerships, on LinkedIn recently.

Please feel leave us your comments below too!

* Include industry you’re working in, your profession or function, your country of origin(s) – Where were you born? Where did you live until the age of 7?

Here are some of the responses:

Babu Mohanan

CEO Phykon Solutions

I will say that globalization has changed my life totally. Now I am able to exchange ideas with a global community and it has give me a lot of hope and confidence in myself. Coming to my business, I am in the IT field and its very existence in my country depends on the globalization.
I am heading a company(as CEO) in a little known small town in India. Until the age of 7 I was living in a remote village close to a forest. I still hold memories of people going into forest to collect firewood.

Tanja Marchman

Owner of English & German Virtual Services

Industry: Virtual Assistant
Title: Owner
Birthplace/until 7 yrs.: Nuernberg, Germany. Small village about 20 min. outside of Nuernberg.

In my industry globalization is a big part of the business. Since the idea of the Virtual Industry is that you can get assistance with your administrative needs from someone that is not located in your city or state or even country. So many things can be exchanged virtually these days, that I can promote my business to companies of all sizes in every corner of the world. And in this rather slow economy at the moment, it works to my clients advantage to use my services, rather then hiring a part time or full time person in their office, who they have to pay overhead expenses for. Since there are no overhead expenses to be paid for an independent contractor like myself, this can mean tremendous cost savings for my clients, plus they have more time in turn to focus on promoting their business globally, if they so desire.

Alvaro Arias

Regional Sales Manager at Schneider GmbH & Co. KG

I have lived in four countries. Am married to a lady born in a different continent where I was born. I email daily in different languages with people in different countries. I Skype with my parents, and talk to them regularly as if we would be sitting in the same table, as we did when we were living in the same city, some years ago.

At work, I am responsible for a geographical region which comprises many countries and cultures and obliges me to speak several languages. I take several planes every week, and can even take each meal in a single day in three different countries, and still sleep at home.

I would say this is globalization at 100% brought down to a quite basic level.

Denise Pirrotti Hummel

Founder and Managing Director at Universal Consensus

Without globalization, my company wouldn't exist. I am the Founder and Director of Universal Consensus, one of the largest cross-cultural training institutes and global development consultancies on the globe (we're in 14 countries). As for the answers you wanted (let me know why you're interested especially in where I was living until 7 years old.

Profession/Title: Cross-Cultural Consultant, Trainer & Curriculum Designer (Director)
Birthplace/until 7 yrs.: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

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